Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Wrappon Cabinet for Colorado 5'

Regular price $1,950.00

The Alu-Cab specific module for the Wrappon toilet system was designed in conjunction with the US Importer of the Alu-Cab product line.

This module houses a Wrappon toilet on a drawer slide along with an additional drawer below the toilet for storage. By removing the legs of the toilet we gain significant usable space. The Wrappon tray mount includes lock in and lock out drawer guides. The storage drawer below uses our standard drawer construction and guides.

Does not include the Wrappon toilet. Installers will need to remove the legs from the toilet and route the electrical wires in a way as to not interfere or get damaged when opening and closing the slides and the drawer below the toilet.

Wrappon toilet must be in the open position for proper use, failure to do so could result in damage or waste spillage.