Package Systems

For quite a while now, you, our valued customer have been asking for us to create combo kits and packages of our most popular systems.

Well, they are being populated as quicky as we can. Starting with the JKU's, JLU's, 4Runners and Land Cruisers. We have begun populating a few systems which we feel are the best combos we have to offer. More systems will be offered and added over the coming months.

Due to vehicle differences there may be slight changes between offerings but the basic idea remains the same across vehicle brands and models.

The Ultimate Chef Package

The Ultimate Chef Package will typically include the vehicles rear plate system, a CampKitchen and a Double Drawer Module in our most popular size for that particular vehicle platform.

The Stealth Sleep Package


With the Stealth Sleep Package you will get the rear plate system as well as the second row delete options. This minimalist design is for those wanting to streamline camp life, keep the goods count low and light and best of all sleep inside their vehicle. Quick, fast and easy is what this system is all about.

The Stealth Sleep and Storage Package

The Stealth Sleep and Storage Package is a hybrid of storage and sleeping ability. Typically utilizing a Side x Side Drawer Module along with a Second Row Delete that is designed to mount off of the back of the Side x Side Module. This system gives you ample storage below the second row delete as well as the use of two drawers out the rear of the vehicle.