About Us

Owner Chris Johnson brings over 25 years of off-road experience along with a background in the aerospace machining industry to Rock-Tech Offroad.

Chris left the aerospace industry in 2002 and started Rock-Tech Offroad in his home garage, helping friends build reliable off-road vehicles. After seeing a need for a reputable off-road shop in the North Orange County area, he officially opened Rock-Tech Offroad in its current location in La Habra, California, in January 2004. Armed with his background as a machinist and detail-oriented fabricator, Chris has been producing well-built off-road performance vehicles ever since. He has extensive off-road knowledge and experience, having run many of the famous Johnson Valley, CA “Hammer” trails as well as the Rubicon and Dusy Ershim trails; has supported competitors in the now famous ‘King of The Hammers’ desert race in Johnson Valley; and his work has been featured in Four Wheeler and Four Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine.